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  1. Top work Clint... Cheers mate!


    @Junker - As for keeping membership restricted to only those who are 'active', you'd need to define that for me. I'm not having a go at you or anyone (in fact, I'm a fan of keeping forums clear of 'dead accounts' and etc), but thinking about this from my perspective - I don't really consider that I have been as 'active' as I could have been (Work/Research/Life etc - seems the higher one climbs the Academic ladder the more work you have to do :( ), plus I have fairly narrow scope of interests (late Night-fighters - mostly the He219A - Fw190 Dora's and the Ta152). Beyond those limits, I have little to 'actively' contribute; maybe the odd piece of Me262 or Bf109G-10 or Ta183 or airfield stuff, but one could hardly accuse me of being well-rounded across the entire gamut of 'stuff' - especially bombers/dive bombers, early Bf109's, trainers, etc.


    That said, when then new board goes live, I'll sign up and be as 'active' as life allows... :)