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  1. Clint et al, I am looking forward to the new site with great anticipation. Steve Sheflin
  2. S Sheflin

    eBay: two Bf109's & Me261V-2 with US Servicemen

    To me Photo #1 looks very much like one of the two Bf109G-14s found at Lechfeld: Bf109G-14, 463147, 43 White on cowl, Lechfeld Bf109G-14, 463150, 44 White on cowl, Lechfeld Several physical details of the aircraft point to this being 43 White, WNr.463147. Also, the way it is positioned backed into the trees and the items arrayed on the ground are the same. The biggest problem is, because the cowling area is burned out in the photo, no white numerals are visible. Steve Sheflin