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  1. EC-JTR

    eBay: set of Bf110 negatives

    Thank you so much for the work Peter. Interesting images.
  2. Thank you so much Peter for the info. Probably you're right and the plane was the "6-74". Your helping information is much appreciated for me. Regards from Spain.
  3. Hello Peter. Wreck #1 here seems a Bf109 perhaps serial "6-4" or "6-?4". The open access perhaps has another number. Anyone knows if the "6-4" crashed? The number "4" is too far from the nationalist black roundel and perhaps is a two digit serial. Regards from Spain.
  4. EC-JTR

    eBay: various types in colour

    ¡Stuning images! Thank you again Peter. Photos 4 and 5 Avia B-71 and last Romanian IAR 80 I think... Regards from Spain.
  5. EC-JTR

    eBay: three sets of seaplane images

    Thank you so much for the effor Peter. Great shots.
  6. Hello Dave. For the April 1 1937, five planes. On March 25 the "Angelito" piloted by Konrad R├╝ckert was shot down by republican AA fire over Aravaca fields, a village near Madrid. The pilot parachuted but died. Hope this helps. Regards from Spain.
  7. Hello Dave: The German merchant sihp "Wigbert" arrived to Cadiz on the second week of September 1.936, carring among other thinks, two Henschel Hs123 in crates. Also a Heinkel He50. The planes were assembled at Tablada airfield near Sevilla some days later. Remember. September, not November. In October 1.936 a third Hs123 arrived to Spain and was also assembled at Tablada. The most interesting for me about this, was the He50, because this is the first phto available of this plane in Spain. Over the years i have only heard and read "rumours" about the presence of a He50 on Spain. 70 years later a photo emerges on eBay and the rumour becomes true. Unbelievable. I still awaiting photos of the Ju87 "29-6" and the first, the "29-1" in Spain. Still never seen. But this is another story. Regards from Spain. Javier.
  8. Spanish Hs123 don't have radios. And I think also that Morse letter codes are non related with the nicknames. You make also at least two little errors. The nickname of the Do17 after the war in Spain was "Bacalao" (a type of fish) not "barcelao". On wartime was "Pablo". Ju86 was nicknamed "Fumo" (Humo- Smoke) due the amount of smoke produced by its engines. No Morse code related. Another theory about the nickname Angelito is a possible Spanish translation of the phonetic sound of the German word "Henschel" to "Angel" for the Spanish people, and this to "Angelito" because the Hs123 is a small plane. Regards from Spain
  9. No idea about this. Remains unclear. Another mystery is the origin of the word "Angelito" (little angel) written in the fuselage. Long time ago a veteran told me this history: The Hs123 was nicknamed "Angelito" by republican troops because two planes (presumably 501 and 502) where shoot down in the battle of Bilbao. Almost one exploded in mid air perhaps due by AA fire or (most probably) in the dive the bomb hit the propeller. And no trace of the pilots was recovered. The troops says "the pilots goes to heaven directly without touching the ground, like "Angelitos" (little angels). But if the word Angelito was written by nationalists when the planes arriving, the origin of the nickname is now unknown for me. Regards from Spain.
  10. The photo was taken at Tablada in Sevilla, Spain, in 1936. Is a very rare photo because the three planes are just arrived to Spain from Germany. The photo depicts two Hs123, the 501, the 502 and a He50 with a "3" painted in the fuselage. The two Hs123 becomes later "24-1" and "24-2" and painted in a camo scheme. Some time latter, a third Hs123 "24-3" arrived from Germany. The fate and history of the Heinkel He50 "3" in Spain remains a mystery. Both Hs123 501 and 302 where destroyed in the war. Another batch of three planes arrived on the spring of 1937. Serial 24-4, 5 and 6, only the 24-5 and the old 24-3 survived the entire war. In 1939, after the war, Spain acquired from Germany another batch of Hs123. Hope this helps. Regards from Spain.
  11. EC-JTR

    eBay: colour seaplane images

    Another Bv222 colour shot from 16/01 ebay auction. http://cgi.ebay.de/Farbdia-Flugboot-Blohm-Voss-222-Flugzeug-original-/300515465605 Regards from Spain.