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    Thank you Peter

    I just want to say thank you Peter, for making not only a home for all of us to indulge in our quirky little hobby but also for regulating this forum as well as you have over the years. This was always a forum you could count on for accuracy...no threads about Skoda-built flying bells on this website! And we always had to be very careful as to what we posted, as there would always be others who would cheerfully (almost gleefully) point out inaccuracies with the utmost of haste. But there is nothing wrong with that... it's just the organic process of figuring things out. I think the end result illustrates just how well this process of arguing and "hashing-out" of topics has worked here. There is a heck of a lot of really good information on this forum and I am heartened to know it will remain accessible. Over the almost 5 years of being a member here, I had very little to contribute. My project was of a relatively narrow scope but when I could, I did help to the best of my ability if a question arose which I could answer. But honestly I probably had more questions than answers overall. I think it's a safe statement to make that we all DID learn something here. I know I sure did. Best of luck in future endeavours, Peter.