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  1. Hello Falcon Further to my post #25 above, I have found the 'photo of the Bf109G cowled Bf109F which I referred to; Scale Models International December 1976 Page 595 top. This was in the first part of a three part article on the Bf109F & (then) available models. Regards Tony
  2. Hello Falcon Re your post (#15) & the Bf109F/G cowling. I have a recollection of seeing a full length port side shot of a Bf109F which was fitted with Bf109G cowling. This was in an old issue of Scale Models & it either was when they did an article on the Bf109F or when they were doing Luftwaffe Cam & Markings. I shall ferret into the antique archive & try to update the details as soon as I can (unless Peter gets there before me!) There is also a dimmer memory of something relating to the early Mistel Bf109's! Regards Tony
  3. Hello All According to the Monogram Close-up #9; Bf109F (Thomas H Hitchcock, 1986 ISBN0-914144-20-0) the Bf109V25, W.Nr. 1930, D-IVKC, was altered to take the new F series wing as well as revision to the fuel lines. It also incorporated an annular oil cooler & spinner similar to that being used by the Me209. The fifth & last aircraft modification to take the new DB601E was the Bf109F-0, W.Nr5605 VK+AC (possibly V26). It was converted during the summer of 1940 & used primarily to test engine coolant, oil & fuel circulation systems, & together with Bf109F-1, W.Nr. 5643, D-IGUD, was to test the DB601Q in March 1941 using bi-fuel & a ducted cylindrical spinner. From the ‘photo, the starboard wing appears to be squared off a-la Bf109E. If so that (theoretically) rules out V25. The V24 was fitted with the Me210 spinner & the V22 was fitted with an experimental supercharger air intake scoop intended for the F-series. So, Watson, that leads one to conclude that this must be the V23, W.Nr.1801, D-ISHN as it is still using an Emil type intake. Tony