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  1. Ralph Zimmer

    Thank you Peter

    Hallo Pete, I just want to express my thanks to you again before this forum is closed - and I sincerely wish you all the best for the future! Ralph from Essen
  2. Ralph Zimmer

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Hi Clint and to all the others who will continue the marvellous work Peter has done for years - thank you all for your efforts - past, present and those which will come in the future. I'm most grateful for keeping alive the one place on the .net which I would miss most. As well as the other members here I'm looking forward to the new forum and hope I find the time and have the knowledge to contribute as often as I liked to do here. Sadly there is a world outside the hobby which takes up more and more time. Therefore I appreciate your work. Thanks again! All the best and bye for now. Best regards Ralph Zimmer
  3. Ralph Zimmer

    Thank you Peter

    Fully agreed! In addition I'd like to thank Peter for the possibility of making contacts - which I wouldn't have without this forum! Thanks and regards Ralph