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    Early aviators, Luftwaffe in Balkans and K.U.K. Luftfahrtruppe.

    One article published in Avions.

    First book about NSGr.7 is out: Hunting Tito: A History of Nachtschlachtgruppe 7 in World War II on www.schifferbooks.com

    Member of the Initiative for the Preservation of the Croatian Aviation Heritage.
  1. Lovro

    Thank you Peter

    Dear Peter, dear Experten, With only around 90 posts on this forum and relatively short time I spent here I can not be in a same position like many of you who know Peter's work longer and better, but I am deeply grateful to Peter on all the help and all the possibilities that this forum opened for me. I tried to give my contribution in things I had some competencies and knowledge. I wish I could do more but it didn't happen. I found many materials on this forum for my first book, many people from this forum offered their help and advices, archive materials etc. As a relative novice in the field of the history of the Luftwaffe, I learned a lot here, from Peter (but also from many of you), and if learning about history and making contacts was the goal of the forum: it is fulfilled. It is a great pity that this forum will come to end. Many thanks Peter and all the best in future, to you and to your loved ones. Lovro Persen Lyon, France P.S. I am sure that Peter will be the same Peter from my first post and will find something to edit in this post too .