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    Luftwaffe, mainly aircraft that crashed on UK during WW2. Aircraft Profiling. Markings and Emblems.

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  1. Clint Mitchell

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Thanks guys, we are now accepting new membership registrations.
  2. Clint Mitchell

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Thanks Tom, most of the rules are the same as on the LEMB because they are pretty much essential on a digital medium. I have streamlined the rules to a certain extent though by simply removing everyone's ability to break them in the first place. The 'Welcome & Rules' topic is now viewable on the front page to unregistered viewers. I urge everyone to have a look and read them whilst we get the forum ready for tomorrow. Especially important is the dedicated topic on why we also cannot have gaps in abbreviations. I have attempted to explain this once and for all in a very easy to understand way. If after reading it people still can't understand why this particular rule was in place here on 'LEMB' and on the new 'LRG' then I'm baffled. See you over there.... Luftwaffe Research Group
  3. Clint Mitchell

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Hi, we will begin accepting new membership registrations at 12:00pm GMT tomorrow (12th September 2014). The following is important with regards to you registering a suitable username: Usernames: To become a member we prefer that you use your full real name. At the very least we ask that your username be either your full first name and the initial of your surname, for example ‘Joe B’ or the initial of your first name and your full surname, for example ‘J Bloggs’. Any membership applications that contain usernames that look suspicious and do not adhere to the above rule will simply be rejected without warning. This rule is in place to make it easier to recognise spammers and spam bots. If your initial membership application was rejected please try again with your real name or one that adheres to the above rules. Any form of SS or Nazi linked names are strictly forbidden and will also be rejected without warning. It is possible that we could be a deluge of new membership application requests so please be patient and I will approve them as fast as my time permits. Hopefully we will see you soon.
  4. Clint Mitchell

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Thanks again for all the posts of encouragement. Also I must point out that the new forum will NOT be an invitation only kind of thing. All existing LEMB members and anyone new is welcome to join and take part in the discussions. I am incredibly busy with other commitments at the moment so spare time to set up the new forum is very limited. The amount of work involved is unbelievable and goes some way to showing what Peter was up against, single hand-idly, all the time with LEMB. I want the transition to the new forum to be as easy as possible for all users, computer literate or not, so I've got to spend time testing it and ironing out issues before I open it to a deluge of new members who would then subsequently swamp me with personal messages and posts as why certain functions are not working correctly. Be patient and it will all be fine I promise, it's slowly getting there.....
  5. Clint Mitchell

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Hi, that's because it's not ready yet. As mentioned before when we are ready to start accepting registrations I will make an announcement here.
  6. Clint Mitchell

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys.
  7. Hi guys, Just a heads up. As you all should know by now, Peter announced here the LEMB will be closing for member participation on Friday 29th August. As a result, myself and a group of like-minded existing LEMB members have decided to start a new forum to try and continue the work that Peter started. This will be a new forum starting from the ground up and Peter has kindly offered to keep LEMB accessible to the existing membership as an archive. We have his blessing to link, to source, and to continue any discussions that already exist on LEMB, plus any new discussions can start on the new forum. The structure of the forums and sub-forums will more or less mirror LEMB as it stands now with perhaps some minor changes. I do not have a lot of spare time to run the forum on my own due to other commitments so I have enlisted the help of a band of trusted LEMB members who specialise in certain areas to help me with the day to day running of the forum and keep tabs on the areas that they specialise in. Over the coming weeks I will be setting up a bare bones online presence of the new forum and this will gradually start to build up into a working forum. All LEMB members are welcome to join but as you can imagine its going to take time to build and grow into something substantial and we can only do it with your help and patience. I am still seeking any members who would be willing to take over the role of looking after the following sections: Pilots and aircrew So if anyone feels that they could take one of the above sections under their wing and help to build it into a useful resource then please do not hesitate to post below or PM me. Put the following address into your bookmarks and keep checking over the coming weeks. www.luftwaffe-research-group.org As soon as we are ready to start taking members I will announce it here and on the new forum.
  8. Clint Mitchell

    Thank you Peter

    Well, as most of you would have seen posted here. Sadly the LEMB will be closing soon. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Peter for all his years of hard work in making this the best Luftwaffe research forum on the net and the place that was solely responsible for igniting my interest in this wonderful subject. It takes a hell of a lot of behind the scenes time and commitment to keep a place like this ticking over and running smoothly. Knowing that Peter has done this in his spare time for the last 19 years of his life, just speaks volumes about the effort and sacrifice he has undertaken to make this place what it is today. It is fully understandable why he needs a clean break having given so much of his life to something. I understand and wholeheartedly support your decision. I wish you the very best for whatever you choose to do with your future. I also thank you for allowing the LEMB to stay online for the forceable future as an archive to stand testament to the input made by many over the years. Cheers Pete and all the best for the future mate. Clint
  9. This is what I must of been thinking of? Apologies only a profile but I'm wondering if they had a reference photo which I can't seem to find the the source publication. The camouflage is very similar. Stab II./KG77 Source: Page 145 Junkers Ju88 Vol II, By Krzystof Janowicz (Kagero)
  10. Yes Goran the same style of camouflage but different photos. Not in any of my Ju88 books which I've just checked through. Just trying to think what other publications they could be in?
  11. I am pretty sure I have seen a very similar blotchy camouflage pattern on Ju88's in some photos but I have been trying to think where all afternoon. Will let you know when I find them.
  12. The whole cowling looks kinda strange. Clint