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  1. Michiel DN

    Thank you Peter

    Dear Peter, I would like to thank you for creating, maintaining, uploading, editing, researching, posting, answering to what has become a milestone board. Your kindness in helping others has been an example to me. I will miss my daily dose of LEMB. Thank very much, and as one could say: Hals und Beinbruch! Regards Michiel
  2. I greatly welcome your initiative and hope the new Luftwaffe Research Group will become as good as LEMB was/is. Big task up ahead but we have no choice then to make it work. Regards Michiel
  3. Fokkers didn't have inline v engine, these have. Point of tail gunner station isn't raised in a Fokker G1 so i think Fw189. For tail gunner remark see G1 here and Fw189 see here
  4. source first pic and source pic 2 is wartime booklet "The War Illustrated" from 23 Aug 1940
  5. really like the Mistel one's. Thanks Peter
  6. Michiel DN

    eBay: various types in colour

    Last picture i have seen a few times before.
  7. I think signalling consist of more then only air/ground or air/air. regards
  8. Could it be that the name giving was part of the aviation radio/Morse letter codes? First name is the modern like a = Antonio etc, second is the nickname of the airplane Antonio angelito Hs123 Barcelona barcelao Do17 Francia Fumo Ju86 París pavo he45 pedro He111 Sábado superpava Hs126 Zaragoza zapatones He59
  9. Thanks , never knew that. So they were coded in germany already? or temporarily coded after arrival?
  10. about the code see this so i think this is a after war picture
  11. Michiel DN

    eBay: three sets of Bf109 & Bf110 negatives

    Walter Oesau on picture 4 and 5
  12. Michiel DN

    eBay: Bf109 with rear view mirror

    I should have read the rules better and posted the pictures above here. Sorry Peter. Anyway the pictures were posted in this thread on LEMB
  13. While looking through the pictures Peter found i saw this one. What do you think Clint? Ebay
  14. Bf109 2# and #3 here not very common this rear view mirror.
  15. ebay 6 ebay 7 ebay 8