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    Hannover, Germany or Manila, Philippines
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    WW2 Luftwaffe,especially technical and color matters
    Besides that color/ paint related topics, photography, scale modelling etc...

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  1. ChrisMA

    Thank you Peter

    Hi Peter (W.), to add a little statistics on on your finding, of the now +5000 members that we have so far, some 500 members did make more then 50 posts. Those who posted more then 100 are only about 40. An additional 200-300 members had done 1-10 posts. All other members are zero posters , with some even being years long members (in german: Karteileiche ≈ index card corps, a dead or just for statistics member). So the ~50 members posting here are a good representation of our core members. And don't forget, some of those posting here, did post more then once. So the number is actually a bit smaller. But nevertheless, it is still a valid representation of the core members. And roughly the same partition of memberships goes for almost all forums. No need to be sad, that is just the way it is. Please understand, I'm not contenting or objecting what you posted. You are right! I'm just changing the perspective a little bit.
  2. ChrisMA

    Thank you Peter

    Dear Peter, I would also like to take the opportunity to say "thank you very much" and especially for giving all us a very pleasant "home" for our special field of interest. For me the old LEMB on ezBoard was my very first contact with forums on the web, way back in 1998. And since then, this site always remained a very special place to go to. And from the very simple beginning, LEMB has matured to what we all know now. Here I also have/ had the honor of learning so much from our other members. What a treasure trove of knowledge and people. The only bad thing is actually the fact, that I never had the chance to meet all the interesting people in live. So, I would like to "raise my glass" (with what ever you deem appropriate) and say thank you, for a job well done. And to my member peers, I also want to thank you for making this my most favourable site. Peter, all the best to you and for what ever endeavour you have in mind or planned. Maybe you might surprise us all with something new. And as everything good has to end at some time, until we meet again somewhere, some when "Auf Wiedersehen", take care and see you soon, ingat ka, Hasta luego, Au revoir, ....