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  1. Bernd P

    Thank you Peter

    All that I can say is: I will l miss the LEMB. I´ve learned so much about the Luftwaffe, the planes and members. And yes, Peter had done a fantastic work all over the years. Thank you for that, Peter.
  2. Great news Clint, thank you very much for this great info. I hope, that we can continue the fantastic work of Peter.
  3. Bernd P

    eBay: Bf109F/G coded -13+ with US servicemen

    Chris, Peter, I agree with you, Chris, it´s an Bf109G-6/trop of 6./JG51. This plane was built in the Messerschmitt Regensburg Plant, please see for reference Prien, Jagdfliegerverbände Part 11/I, page 330 (photo-No. 247) for example and another three photos of a Bf109G-6 trop yellow 13 on page 341 in the same book (photo-Nos. 257 to 259). Photo 259 is an colour picture of yellow 13! Best regards. Bernd