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  1. I agree - great you will carry on with a new forum. Be sure i will be continuing with contributions as well as I can. ATB Armin
  2. Armin W

    Thank you Peter

    Nothing more to say, I fully agree to what has been said above. Among all Luftwaffe-forums I felt most well here - a newbie like me experienced much encouragement and met a lot of friendly people who are always keen to help (instead of much arrogance and ignorance in other forums). Apart from you Peter, I have to say many thanks to Chris Simmonds and Göran Larsson. But most of all to Merlin, who I first met in this forum. He knows unbelievable lot of Luftwaffe stuff and still is patiently answering my questions where answers can't be found in any books or forums. As my Luftwaffe knowledge still is very rudimentary I liked the eBay listings and the eBay photo questions most. There is nothing comparable around and now I have to search eBay on my own for rare pics - a very time consuming business. I joined the LEMB just a couple of years ago, a short but very helpful time. So I am thankful and sad at the same time. I hoped to the last the LEMB wouldn't close the doors. Goodbye to you Peter and all others of the 'small band' who contributed regularly. I always enjoyed your posts and learned a lot from them. I will miss these forums a lot. All the best Armin