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  1. #23: Being active, from my point of view is to post at least a bit, or say thank you to members who makes materiel to download available. Your interest have loads of posting on LEMB, so it's not a narrow topic But this is only my thoughts. It's up to the moderators of the new forum to state the rules. Junker
  2. If I may make a modest suggestion. Go for few but active members, instead of a huge number who mostly only suck up informations. Junker
  3. Great news indeed Junker
  4. ju55dk

    Thank you Peter

    Hi Peter. Thank's for your huge effort with this superb forum. Regards Jörn Junker
  5. The lettering rules out any recce unit. As Paul pointed out it's a IV/Gruppe maschine from a Kampfgeschwader. So anything from KG1 to KG200. Junker
  6. ju55dk

    eBay: captured Bf110 coded DV+IM

    It's a Bf110G-4 WNr.5665. Junker