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I am a resident of Bedford (Halifax), Nova Scotia and was born here some time ago (1956). I am a petroleum geologist by training (interested in earth science before I went to grade school) and for the past 32 years have worked around North America and lived in Toronto and Calgary, the latter being the home of my good friend Dave Wadman. My career causes me to travel a fair amount and in addition to the usual trips to Calgary and Houston, I am travelling to a number of countries - UK, France, Portugal, Morocco, South Africa, Ireland, etc. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to meet fellow "Lufties".


Regarding my interests - in addition to enjoying wine, art and travelling - I have for many years studied and written about Luftwaffe camouflage and markings from the mid- to late-war period. I suppose that I come by this interest honestly, as within my family are many who are in the visual arts - painting, sculpting, photography and film, weaving, etc. Of course, I enjoyed modelling when I was younger and was rather good at it until my children came along. That put that interest into domancy but upon the inspired suggestions of my wife Jocelyn and Dave's wife Ruth lead to Experten Decals. David and I had fun with this but again, family responsibilities intruded and we set that aside and did other things. We both enjoy our respective projects and interests and have some ideas that hopefully will become realities.


Specifically, I was initally very interested in the Fw190D series from which the first two Experten book / decals series were the focus. I also assisted the Eric Larger, Marc Deboeck and Tomas Poruba with their two volumes published by JaPo. This was followed by studying the camouflage and markings of the Me 262 and an Experten book was published on a KG(J) aircraft. Then, the KG(J) units were a significant interest that I shared with my good friend Philippe de Meldeur. The recent (2011) JaPo book on the topic was the result. This has been followed in mid-1012 by a similar book on the Me262 aircraft completed / converted in Bohemia- Me262A-1a/U3, Ar234C-1, etc.


I have additional interests in the camouflage and markings of nightfighters (the ME262 twin and single seaters, Ju88C&G, He219, Do217N&J, Bf 10G), Hs129B in North Africa, late-war Bf109G&K, the Do215E and He111. I enjoy doing a full analysis on a specific aircraft and identifying them down to the individual pilot and date based on photographic analysis and my colour research. I have a few projects on the go that I hope to publish.


The artist in me has a keen interest in colours and paints. Hence, I have written and contributed to a number of discussions and the like on Luftwaffe colours, in addition to working with colleagues like Ken Merrick and Michael Ullmann with their studies. Topics on interest include the introduction and use of RLM 77, the late-war undersides colours, use of the 80-series on nightfighters, and so forth.


I enjoy assisting colleagues with their research from authors to artists, restorationists to gamers, and have been doing so for over 35 years. I have consulted on some restorations with the most recent being one of the neubau Me 262s that was painted in the markings of Alfred Ambs (though not exactly as I would have liked). Dave and I have also interviewed a number of pilots and recorded their stories.


I am equally interested in German armour and have done similar research on the evolution of camouflage and markings schemes, paints and the like. I am working with a number of authors on publications related to paints and camouflage (Hilary Doyle), photo books (Lee Archer and Bill Auerbach), and others. I have an extensive collection of photos on this topic that I share with fellow enthusiasts.


If that isn't enough, being in Halifax I have access to the extensive naval archives here and so have been compiling information on U-boats operating offshore eastern Canada. I have a very large collection of material on two Type IXs that surrendered here in May 1945: U-889 and and U-190. With a fellow marine geologist, we have located the wreck of U-190 that was sunk by the RCN in 1947 and have some interesting thoughts on potential films, dives, etc. Of course, I've been looking at the colours of U-boats and especially with the Type XXI.


I do not get as much gardening and housework that I should but I have an understanding wife of 31 years. That I believe is the most important thing I have in my life, and of course our three grown children that we are very proud of. And since January 2012, twin grandchildren (our sons are twins).


Overall, I enjoy interacting with all those who share my interests and do try to help when I can. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the LEMB and owe Peter a debt of gratitude not to mention more than a few pints! Dave Wadman and I might be over to Old Blighty in the autumn of 2012 and if so would be honoured to meet everyone (and more pints too!).