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    Venlo in WW-2 in general and Venlo airfield in particular, German nightfighting versus RAF in general, I./NJG1, NJG1 and RAF Bomber Command in particular, Venlo
    9th USAAF units in Venlo
    Databases of Bf110 (all), Me210/410 (all), Me163 (all), He219 (all), Do17 (NF), Do215 (NF), Do217 (NF), Ju88 (NF) and databases of all RAF Bombers that failed to return.
  1. Marcel Hogenhuis

    Thank you Peter

    Hello Peter, Not a frequent visitor anymore for reasons which bear no relation to my frantic interest in several air war related subjects, your 'retirement announcement' exploded with more force than a Grand Slam of 22.000 lbs could do. I always admired your patience and energy to operate a forum, even more when I did not deserved it: for instance when I wrote (the drilled) I./NJG 1 instead of the desired I/NJG1. Your patience was stretched beyond limits when a researcher and I drifted apart after the initiation of a very long and most prosperous thread about a certain type of German nightfighter. Your diplomacy can't be valued enough and I am still sorry that I have disappointed you. Now I read about your 'standing down from ops' and I suddenly realize, that I am one of those many members who might not have said 'thanks!' enough. What you have accomplished is beyond any doubts and almost a superhuman effort over all those years. I do welcome the idea that some of your most loyal fellows like Clint Mitchell and others, will continue with a Luftwaffe Experten Message Board 2.0. Why? Not because I will become a more regular visitor, but because IMHO a continuation in a new forum would be a virtual statue to honour your giant effort for us. Now that the burden of running a forum like this is moved to a new team, I do hope that you will find the relaxation to spend time and energy in your own interests and projects. The expertise you have gained must be tremendous after all these years Therefore I do not say 'good bye' but looking forward to continue our contact as a fellow research colleagues. Many, many thanks Peter for your kindness, patience, diplomacy and occasional neccesary warnings, which made the LEMB such a magnificent forum to exchange data, photo's and numerous new insights! All the best, Marcel
  2. Marcel Hogenhuis

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Hello Clint, Thanks for continueing Peter's tremendously admired forum on which I periodically have been active. Looking for a new job about almost over a year now, my priorities have been shifted so I may have turned into a irregular visitor, mostly looking into threads out of curiosity. Keep up the good work and I hope to join the new forum soon, Marcel