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    Thank you Peter

    Peter, Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication over the years. It is, and was appreciated. That being said, I fully understand the "burn out" process. John
  2. John Beaman

    eBay: three JG2 Bf109E images

    The second photo is an Bf109E-1--note the machine guns in the wings and not cannons. It has been retrofitted with an Bf109E-4 squared-off canopy and windscreen. The "sponge dapple" camouflage would indicate post BoB time period. JG2 was not equipped with the Fw190 until mid-1942.
  3. John Beaman

    eBay: unusually camouflaged crash-landed Bf109

    JG77 Bf109G's in Italy in 1944 had a similar scheme. Also, a recon unit (I forget which one) flying Bf109G's in the Balkans in 1944 had a similar scheme, but in lighter colors