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    Luftwaffe aircraft 1935 1945 (46) modelling

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I've been involved in aircraft flight testing (as an engineer) for almost 43 years, ending my career managing since 1992 the flight tests allocated to Italians Typhoon proto's (from that my nickname). I'm now enjoying retirement. My hobby has been modelling since I was a kid and for many years I've been assembling aircraft models of various nations, then I went to HO trains, then to figurines and finally back to aircraft, this time mostly Germans from 1930 to 1945 (including some Reichdreams) with a few tanks in between. I love collecting models more than building them and in particular I like to make a as many as possible variants of the most famous planes. I also love scratch build exotic types unkitted. I also like very much LEMB and more in general googling around to find info, pictures and 3views of odd planes as part of my scratch building planning.