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    Luftwaffe aircraft 1935 1945 (46) modelling
  1. Giampiero Gamalero

    Thank you Peter

    Peter, I want to express all my gratitude to you and your moderators for the invaluable work in what I too consider the best Luftwaffe site on the web. As you know I'm a modeller and my collection of now some 220 pieces would not have been possible w/o the LEMB. There I put many questions and always got precious answers. I hope in a way or another we will found the LEMB (or something equivalent) soon. Bye Giampiero
  2. Giampiero Gamalero

    eBay: identity of twin-boom types? Fokker G-1 or Fw189?

    Judging from the U/C, the shape of the center fuselage, and the band (yellow?) on the boom , I will be fully sure they are Fw189. Giampiero (typhoon)