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  1. John Vasco

    Thank you Peter

    Peter, I echo the sentiments of all who have posted before me. All the best for the future. Your legacy is: We shared, we ALL learned...
  2. John Vasco

    eBay: set of Bf110 negatives

    Appear to be all from/identical to the (Oblt. Joachim) Junghans collection that I had sight of many years ago. Junghans was KIA on 11/9/40 with 9./ZG26.
  3. John Vasco

    eBay: NJG3 night fighter photo album

    Pilots in the Luftwaffe held ranks as low as Gefreiter...
  4. I think it is down to identification of what's in the photos. I've obtained some superb photos from eBay at reasonable prices because (probably) others did not know what the photo showed. Even happened when sudek's team were bidding heavily on items.
  5. No.1 is a Bf110G-2, 'White 2' of 1./ZG26, if they are all from the same source. Nos.2 & 3 are different aircraft. No. 3 is Schenck's at Sechtschinskaja (sp) in September 1941, ergo SKG210. No.2 is later, mid-war years, with a heavier calibre rear gun. No.4 is June 1942, Schenck's 200th mission. Left on the wingroot is a ground mechanic; right is Jupp Kehren, Schecnk's Bordfunker. ZG1. No.5 is nice air-to-air shot of a Bf110G-2. ZG1. No.6 is the completion of a milestone mission for Brennike. ZG1. No.7 is the completion of a milestone mission for Peter Jenne (says so in the auction), ZG1. He get's his SKG210 & his ZG1 confused, probably due to not knowing the correct dates of the photos. He does appear to have tapped into a 'Wespen' source of photos, however...
  6. John Vasco

    eBay: early WGr21 equipped Bf110s?

    Steady on, old bean, Vasco zooming into sight now - Bf110E.