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  1. HSchmidt

    eBay: various types in colour

    errgh, of course the image: we see possibly Bf109E-7/B of 6./JG27 source: French magazine "Avions" or "Aero Journal", both suspended or under entirely new management Horst
  2. HSchmidt

    eBay: various types in colour

    I have seen them all before, some have been published in french magazines, either "Avions" or "Aero Journal". I attach one image so that you can see the difference in quality. That seller must be very optimistic to ask for 180 Euros to start with. I think he will keep them. Cheers Horst
  3. HSchmidt

    eBay: another three sets of negatives

    Nick, at the time of Philipps RK award (22 Oct 1940) he has been promoted to Oberleutnant (Aug 1940) already. Assuming that the Uniform Jacket with "Leutnant Wings" belongs to the RKT on the photo, than it can't be Philipp. I admit that I would have mentioned Philipp also as being the motif. If it is him, the image must have been taken in the Balkan, taken the sunny weather into consideration. Cheers Horst
  4. HSchmidt

    eBay: three sets of Bf109 & Bf110 negatives

    person 01 - Oblt Hubert "Hubs" Muetherich, StKp 5./JG54, RK 6.8.41 person 02 - Lt Josef "Joschi" Poehs, 5./JG54, RK 6.8.41 Thank you, Peter, for your never ending efforts to keep this Forum so interesting. I wonder what the rest of the many negatives bring more surprises to us. I assume the originator was a pk member as we can see photos of various Geschwader in different Theatres of Operation. Horst
  5. HSchmidt

    eBay: ID of Bf109E "Yellow 3"?

    Hi all, First: I agree to Rabe Antons statement that the yellow 3 belonged to 9./JG52, proof can be find in Classic BoB, vol 2, part 2. But Chris is not so far beside the point and I admit that it could be me to guess 9.JG/54. See attachment, taken from Classic BoB, vol 2, part 4. Both parts and more have been authored by Eric Mombeek. Well, my question to Rabe Anton is, do we have to reconsider the content in some Classic books due to essential new findings? Could you post the part of Eric's LuGa which leads to your statement. I am still waiting for my copy. Cheers hihotte