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  1. Norbert Schuchbauer

    Thank you Peter

    Hello Pete, Thanks for all the years keeping this board running. It allowed me to improve several aspects, especially quality of data, of the database me and Barry are working on. Unfortunately for me you were always two clicks ahead of me in posting some of that "stuff" here. I really enjoyed our personal cooperation away from this forum as well. All the best for the future und Hals und Beinbruch, Norbert from California
  2. Norbert Schuchbauer

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new Luftwaffe forum starting up!

    Looking forward to participate. Thanks Clint for carrying the torch forward. I would not be too harsh regarding contributors and suckers. There were instances I was ready to make a contribution but another memebr had alredy posted the same info I had so I just did not want to duplicate anything and refrained from posting. Just my couple of cents. Regards, Norbert