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  1. FranZee

    Thank you Peter

    Thanks Peter - without your forum I would not be where I am now. Can´t say more and it makes me sad seeing you´re doing some kind of final, hard cut. But maybe sometimes this is the best thing to do. Sorry for many typing mistakes which you had to correct and all the best for the future and I hope you won´t lose fascination about some prop planes flying by... Always blue skies Fran
  2. This seems to be Ar234C-3 W.Nr. 250006, found by US troops at München-Riem in '45. This photo depicts the 4-jet plane without its engines on the scrap heap at the border of the airfield. There´s a thread about this plane: http://www.luftwaffe-experten.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10407&st=0&p=56293&hl=ar234c&fromsearch=1entry56293 Regards Fran
  3. Watch the Fw190S trainer in the background, too. The Bf109K-4 again is one with the tall WNr. at the bottom of the rudder in combination with a hand painted three-digit WNr. at the fuselage sides. You can see a small stroke of the last digit right from the RVB. And you can see why the hand painted WNr. weren't considered as any problem - they simply disappeared beneath the RVB and fuselage bands... Regards Fran