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  1. Hi Clint, As we have discussed privately, I greatly welcome your initiative and I will endeavor to get a one digit member number. bregds SES
  2. SES

    Thank you Peter

    Hi all, I share all the praise and the sentiments expressed above. With LEMB gone there will be a terrible void in our research, which will be very hard to fill. I for one hope to stay in touch with some of the members I got acquainted with through this excellent forum. Many kind regards SES
  3. SES

    eBay: NJG3 night fighter photo album

    Re post#1 picture#2 from the left. A good example of what I noted on GYGES some time back, the use of the NJG1 Wappen and Roman numerals on NJG3 A/C here but a re-confirmation certainly does no harm. bregds SES