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  1. Well my friends... that, as they say, is that. To the small number of you who have bothered to post here with your kind words, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart... :)

    However, it really would have been good to get a small amount of recognition from our peers for what the forum has achieved. When I say peers, I mean the authors and experts in our midst. They are among a number of members I see here, day after day after day, names who appear in print or who are held in great esteem by us all, but for whatever reason, they never fully embraced what a small minority of us were looking to achieve. As I've said before and as I'll say it again, if the old guard don't foster and encourage the younger members today, where will the authors and enthusiasts of the future come from? Also, what is the purpose of you being a member of a community like this? Sadly, one can only assume it's because they are looking to get the maximum return from doing the square root of nothing...

    The one thing I hope the LEMB will be remembered for was its willingness to share material without the blinkered petty selfishness and rudeness seen elsewhere. It's never been about me or any one individual, it's been about us as a group, trying to foster a community ethic. However, my one big regret is that we never did manage to fully achieve this but despite my disappointment, I really don't know what more we could have done...

    I wish Clint all the very best with his new venture... the internet is such a different animal today from when the LEMB was created. Members expectations are to be spoon fed information with little or no thought at offering information or comment back and even the most basic expression of gratitude is not forthcoming.

    With regards the LEMB, it was never my legacy, it was OUR legacy...


  2. After some 19 years (the last 10 of which have been on our current IPB forum platform) its my incredibly sad duty to announce that as of Friday 29th August 2014, the LEMB will be finally closing down.


    Unlike a majority of forums which close, the contents of this forum are to remain visible as a fitting memorial to the small number of members (you know who you are) who've posted, contributed and most importantly of all, bought into what I've been trying to achieve since launching the LEML way back in 1995. As a result, the current membership need not worry about any posts/photos/attachments being lost as all of the forum contents will remain visible for the foreseeable future with only the ability to post being switched off...

    Going forward, I'm more than happy to pay for another 12 months hosting, but I will be looking for a more cost effective/longer term way for the archived data to be preserved and accessed. This may include the launching, by a current LEMB member/members, of another independent forum, details of which will appear here once I know more. This new venture will have nothing to do with me, I plan to try and take a break from the subject and move onto pastures anew...

    To all of the members who, during the time I accepted donations, contributed their own hard earned cash to help towards the running costs, your generosity was, and always has, been very much appreciated. Even though I didn't need the financial help, it always warmed my heart that members were willing to contribute, so thanks again to each and every one of you :)

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the various members of my moderation team who've help with the more mundane duties. So, in no particular order, extra special thanks to Mike Murphy, Christian M. Aguilar, Patrick Gelder, Neil Page, Göran Larrson, and Clint Mitchell... each and every one of them deserves a medal, not only for giving up their spare time to help with the running of the forum, but with having to put up with my constant reminders about the forum rules... so thanks again chaps...

    I've made some great friends here, so thanks again to everybody who contributed and I wish each and every one of you the very best for the future...

    Hopefully... you learnt, I learnt and we all learnt :)