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  1. Hi all... Could all prospective new members please note that when they complete the automated application, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address you provided to us during the joining process. Until you reply to this confirmation email you will not be able to view or post on the LEMB. If after 4 days you have still not replied to this automatic confirmation email, your account application will be automatically deleted. Please also note that any email addresses that bounce the confirmation email will also be deleted without question after 24 hours. PLEASE NOTE - that as I cannot be here 24 hours and day, 7 days a week or 365 days a year, approval of your membership can take anywhere up to 8 hours to complete. This is 8 hours from the time and date in the post below. There is therefore no need to send me an email chasing me as to why you cannot access the forum until this 8 hour period has expired. For 99% of all applications, approval will take place anywhere up to 4 hours, but if you are in the US/Americas or the Far East, membership approval can take slightly longer. Please can I ask that you apply the 8 hour rule BEFORE chasing me for why your account hasn't been approved. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those that wait... If you email me asking why your membership hasn't been approved yet, your email will be deleted without fail. If you've just joined and cannot view any of the forum (apart from this section) PLEASE DO NOT contact me until 8 hours after you have answered the approval email. Please therefore ensure that: You provide us with your correct email address. You have all spam software turned off. This is because many programs of this type will think the confirmation request email is spam. You have any spam trap options set via web-mail are also turned off. We cannot be held responsible for any confirmation problems as a result of email providers or third-party spam software. Please also note that if your email address bounces the membership emails on 3 separate occasions, your application will be deleted. Whilst your waiting for approval... why not take a good look at this thread on Posting images from books and websites. It is one of the most important rules/threads we have here on the LEMB. If you follow this and are courteous to your fellow members, your stay here will be enjoyable...
  2. Whilst you are waiting for me to approve your membership, please take 10 minutes out of your day to read and understand the rules governing the posting of image on this message board. I do not care one bit about what rules you may be used to on other message board, all I would ask is that you please stick to these simple rules below. 1 - If you wish to include an image(s) from another on-line resource, try and seek the owners, poster or webmasters permission to reproduce it on the LEMB. However: a - If the website does not allow their images to be posted elsewhere (or you are unsure of their policy) please just post a link to the original website/image rather than a direct hotlink to the image. Hotlinking of images on the LEMB is not allowed under any circumstances. b - If there is no restriction by the original site or you have obtained permission from the owner, poster or webmaster, copy the picture on to your own website/server or upload it using the LEMB image upload facility but please give proper accreditation to the original owner, website and include a link/URL to the website. 2 - If the image is taken from a book or magazine, images should not be scanned and reproduced unless permission has been granted by the author, publisher or image owner. If the book or magazine is out of print or difficult to obtain, and full credit is included, then the image can be posted. If you are not sure, then please PM one of the moderating team and they will be happy to provide guidance 3 - If the image comes from your own collection, please credit it in your post. I would also recommend that you add copyright text or watermark your image(s) so that they are not copied and posted elsewhere. 4 - Please can you ensure that any images uploaded to the LEMB webspace are no wider than 800 pixels. We reserve the right to resize or delete any images posted that are larger than this. Please remember that oversized images take up more space than a carefully resized example. 5 - Adding a line of text to say that you either: a - downloaded the image from a website but cannot remember where b - downloaded the image from a website that no longer exists c - I scanned the image from a scrapbook and can't remember from where it was taken d - I found the image on my HD but cannot remember the source ...none of these are good enough. If you cannot give full credit for the source of any images you wish to post (as set out above) then PLEASE DO NOT POST THEM! 6 - The reproduction of electronic copies of books, or links to file sharing websites/message forums is not allowed. However, the sharing of links via PM/or privately is acceptable. 7 - As the reproduction of images from published sources may infringe the copyright rules of the book/magazine in question, if you are in any doubt whatsoever please do not post the image and just make mention of either: # the book title, author, ISBN and publisher # the magazine name, date & issue number, author and publisher 8 - A direct link must be provided to any Ebay auctions if any image/images from the auction are uploaded or posted on the LEMB. 9 - If you plan to scan and post images from a book that is either new or still widely available, please use your common sense and limit the number of photos you scan. Most publishers will allow an odd photo to be reproduced, but mass scanning and posting will invariably mean I get an email or PM asking me why I allow this to happen. You'd be surprised how many publishers/authors/photo owners are members here, so please just be sensible people. If in doubt... PLEASE DON'T POST!!! Can I again remind you all that when you join the LEMB and by ticking the last box during your membership application which says: "I have read, understood and agree to these rules and conditions" You have therefore agreed to abide by all the LEMB rules. One of the most important LEMB rules relates to the posting of images from published sources. Repeat offenders will have their posts deleted and will be banned. You have been warned! The LEMB moderation team and I have full rein to delete/edit any messages not following these guidelines, or messages that they consider infringe on the copyright of the rightful holder. Believe me, it's nothing personal! We just want to try and keep within the copyright laws. The Luftwaffe Experten Message Board (LEMB) cannot be held responsible for what is posted herein. If a copyright holder or webmaster wishes to have items removed in accordance with his copyright, please PM me directly and the content will be removed ASAP. Any questions regarding this charter should be PM'ed to me too... and thanks for your co-operation in this matter...