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At the beginning of 1939, the Luftwaffe changed its marking system which basically utilised a four character code. This four character code (Verbandskennzeichen) should not be confused with the Stammkennzeichen, or four letter factory code. This contained all letters which could identify the manufacturer and training school. These factory codes were used by all second line aircraft such as trainers, communication, some Air Service aircraft and others not engaged in operational use.

This code was applied to older types while newly constructed types were also marked in this manner. Normally, this code was applied on both sides of the fuselage and the under-surfaces of the wings in a majority of cases in black, although white, grey or back with a white outline could also be used.

Purpose of this site

This site will collate and reproduce the various listings as compiled by members of the LEMB as discussed on the Stammkennzeichen Database & Discussion forum of the LEMB site. Please note that you will need to become a member of the LEMB before being able to access the discussion forum. Hopefully, others too will share their listings, add comments or amend mistakes to the listings. We also ask that if you use any data from the various lists, that if you have any details missing from our lists, that you share this with us, no matter how small that data is. Without the help of visitors like you, the listing will remain incomplete. Each entry will include as much detail on the type as can be included including the source of the record.


Please note that unlike other resources of this nature, these pages are open source for anybody to view. We all believe that the only way a database like this can improve and grow is to allow all interested parties to view and comment, rather than hide them away for only an exclusive membership to see.


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Please note that no part of this site promote or agrees with the Nazi atrocities, ideals and actions perpetrated during the 1939-45 war. It is purely a site dedicated to the weapons, tactics and personnel of the Luftwaffe during the life of the Third Reich.


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(four letter factory code)

A?+?? - B?+?? - C?+??

D?+?? - E?+?? - F?+??

G?+?? - H?+?? - I?+??

J?+?? - K?+?? - L?+??

M?+?? - N?+?? - O?+??

P?+?? - Q?+?? - R?+??

S?+?? - T?+?? - U?+??

V?+?? - W?+?? - X?+??

Y?+?? - Z?+??

Incomplete Codes

The "Wehrmacht Luft" Code System

The WL+???? codes

The D-???? Civil Codes

Civilian D-xxxx number Codes

Civilian D-xxxx letter Codes

Civilian D-xx-xxxx glider Codes

Sources for LEMB Sktz codes

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