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Peter Evans

Peter Evans
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What do I mean by Netiquette... and how does it fit into how the LEMB runs? Here is a definition reproduced from Merriam-Webster On-line

One entry found for netiquette.
Main Entry: net•i•quette
Pronunciation: 'ne-ti-k&t, -"ket
Function: noun
Etymology: blend of net and etiquette
: etiquette governing communication on the Internet

We therefore have a couple of LEMB netiquette points that will ensure your experience of using this resource is a good one. These points are also worth using when using any of the excellent message boards available to the aviation enthusiast...

The most important two threads for any member of the LEMB are...

The Welcome...
The LEMB Posting Guidelines

It is important that you read and digest all the details contained in the forums and threads above. By joining and becoming a member of the LEMB means that you have agreed to abide by the rules. Ignorance is no excuse. If you are at all unsure with any of the above, there are two options available:

1 - Post your question in the Member Help, Forum Suggestions & Comments... forum. I or one of the four LEMB moderators will be happy to assist and point you in the right direction.
2 - Or send me a Personal Message and I will be more than happy to help you with your query.

Before you post on the LEMB...

1 - Why not try using a search engine? There are several really good search engines of which I have listed a few below:


...and remember, the results a search engine gives you are only be as good as the information you give it to search...

2 - The LEMB is also blessed with a search facility. This can be located underneath the main banner next to the PayPal button. Before you post a question, why not perform a quick search? This will either enable you to find if your question has been asked before or encourage you to post further comment to an existing thread.

When posting on the LEMB...

1 - Please do not join the forum and then send me questions via the PM facility. If I am able to help, I will always post via the forum. Entering into private discussion does not help the wider membership or allow others to add their thoughts and comments.

2 - Please try and be concise and to the point when using the Topic Title box. This is the first part of your post members/visitors will read so try and use your imagination when filling them in. For example, if I were looking for details on the aircraft used by Adolf Galland, rather than just type

"Bf109" try typing... "Info required on Adolf Galland's Bf109's"

There is no need to use the Topic Description box and we reserve the right to edit the Topic Title and Topic Description boxes to aid clear understanding of what you are trying to ask.

3 - Also, when asking for reviews of magazines/books/model kits/etc, please try and include

# a link to what you are posting about (optional)
# the authors name
# the publisher
# the ISBN number (optional but handy)

Not all members will be sure of what you are posting about. Hotlinked images from other sites are NOT allowed. You can upload images as outlined in No.3 below but please include a link to the website from where the image originated. Please also be sure that the webmaster of the site you are uploading images from will not be chasing me with regards copyright!

4 - The LEMB is also blessed with an image upload facility so please try and use this when possible. Please be aware that any images you wish to upload must not be any larger than 800pixels. Images larger than this may not upload and will create an error message. If you are to directly link an image from your own web space, please also ensure that the image is no larger than 800pixels. In both cases, please credit the source of your image, especially if you found it on another web page. Hotlinking images from other sites is not allowed. Please use a direct link to the page or seek permission from the webmaster to reproduce them on the LEMB.

5 - Please do not type your questions or responses in UPPER CASE. This is seen as shouting and can also be considered the height of rudeness.

6 - Please use the approved method of quoting when replying to previous members posts. Making the quoted text bold or italic is not allowed.

7 - If you have a multitude of questions, can I ask that you post a couple at any one time? This will enable members to read, digest and hopefully comment on your question.

8 - Please try and keep on thread. If a question and thread relate to a single topic, please try and not post questions that take us away from the original post. If you have a question that falls into this category, please post a completely new thread in the appropriate section.

9 - If you get a response to your question, a small thank-you is always advisable. Ignorance is a pet hate of mine, and I am less likely to spend my time answering a member who never acknowledges my effort. I am 100% sure that this goes for all other members.

10 - "What If" posts are allowed, but please be aware that of all the topics allowed on the LEMB, they are the one which can create problems between individuals. I reserve the right to remove/close/delete any such posts.

11 - Please be kind to your fellow members. Even if you disagree with their comments, please respect them and treat them how you would like to be treated.

Always remember, the LEMB is here as a resource to help us all so please enjoy it. The LEMB motto really says it all:

"You learn, I learn, We all learn..." smile.gif

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